Creating a Gin Lovers Paradise

The Ginistry began life in 2016 when two brothers found a rusting Citroen HY Van and thought it would be a great idea to transform it into a travelling Gin and Tonic bar. Suddenly it stopped being the rusty old Parisian Delicatessen van and Mathis, the little Superstar was born. The three of us, alongside a few helpers, began touring the country, selling the finest Gin & Tonics there is to offer. ​​

In 2019, The Ginistry found its permanent home in Oxted. Surrey. We then opened our second premises in Epsom in 2023. The aim was to create a small bar with a great atmosphere and an intimate and quirky interior where the star of the show is GIN. With a huge range of Gin’s from around the globe, the bar is the ultimate Gin lovers Paradise!

We looking forward to meeting you over a great G&T one day!

​- Andrew & David (Gin Lover’s/Gin Tasters/Owners)

purple rain

50ml Aluna Rum

Lime juice, Elderflower and Violette liqueur and lavender syrup

Served in a martini glass with dried lavender

Jaffa cake gin

50ml Jaffa Cake Gin

Franklin & Sons Premium Indian Tonic

A slice of Orange & Chocolate Sprinkles

Served in our beautiful glass