Creating a Gin Lovers Paradise

The Ginistry began life in 2016 when two brothers found a rusting Citroen HY Van and thought it would be a great idea to transform it into a travelling Gin and Tonic bar. Suddenly it stopped being the rusty old Parisian Delicatessen van and Mathis, the little Superstar was born. The three of us, alongside a few helpers, began touring the country, selling the finest Gin & Tonics there is to offer. ​

In 2019, The Ginistry found its permanent home in Oxted. Surrey. The aim was to create a small bar with a great atmosphere and an intimate and quirky interior where the star of the show is GIN. With a huge range of Gin’s from around the globe, the bar is the ultimate Gin lovers Paradise!

Despite the global pandemic bringing disruption to the business in 2020, the future looks positively Gin filled with Mathis returning to complete events ASAP and the Bar in Oxted set to welcome guests once again!

We looking forward to meeting you over a great G&T one day!

​- Andrew & David (Gin Lover’s/Gin Tasters/Owners)

Gin Bath

50ml Bathtub Gin

Seventeen Tonic Water

Served in a bath with ice and an orange slice

G & Tea

Green Genie Gin

Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic

A slice of grapefruit and a Gin Infusion Tea Bag.

Served in our beautiful glass teapot